AGMATINE SULFATE a (super Arginine) and even more vast properties

The Agmatine ( N-4-aminobutylguanidine) is one Amine biogenic very wide-spread in the particular food (vegetables, fishes, meats) which forms by the decomposition of proteins. In the body, Agmatine is present in almost all the tissues.

 Where it is synthesized and stored:
· in the intellectual cells, at the level of synaptic's vesicles, to be bound to the adregenic receptors;
· in the cells of the spinal cord, serving in particular as metabolic support for the nervous system.

Already present in Nitric Oxide Formula, the agmatine is, in fact, a metabolic by-product of the arginine created by a process of decarboxylation. The enzyme is allowing the transformation of the arginine-agmatine, in the stomach or intestinal level was not totally confirmed. We also think that an independent exogenous source of Agmatine results from the food and that its absorption is made using a particular carrier.

A vital role in the production of nitric oxide

The nitric oxide, (NO.), is a gaseous molecule released by the body to relax the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels. When the latter contract, the blood circulation is decreased and, when they relax, they widen, and the blood circulates more freely. By dilating blood vessels, the nitric oxide thus allows the preservation of a stable blood pressure.

NO. is also active in smooth muscles of the lungs and so allows a better and more important irrigation in oxygen, thus limiting the breathlessness finally, the nitric oxide can improve the quality of the erection.

But, by aging, the human body in product less and less and numerous pathologies can result from it.

The agmatine stimulates the discharge of nitric oxide by inhibiting the enzymes which could destroy it. Agmatine thus favors the rise of the rate of NO. in the endothélial tissue surrounding blood vessels. So, it avoids the venous constriction and plays an important role hypotension.

It allows a better management of the stress

The exposure to chronic stress disrupts the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and the suprarenal glands, going as far as leading to light depressions. The agmatine is released in answer to diverse stimuli of stress to maintain the homeostasis.

A study estimated the role of supplementation of agmatine on the misdeeds of chronic stress. It has proved that the taking Agmatine allowed improving the motivation by normalizing the levels of corticosterone and by preventing the weighty modifications in a comparable way in the fluoxetine, a selective inhibitor of the recapture of the serotonin ( ISRS). The results of this study clearly demonstrated the positive effect of a supplementing agmatine on the management of stress.

It is an ideal supplement for the sportsmen

Agmatine increases not only blood flow in muscles, via production of nitric oxide, but also stimulates the liberation of hormones LH and GH ( growth hormone), what makes it useful for the athletes before the training. It increases the endurance and improves the performances, with a decrease of physical fat mass.

It relieves pain and enhances the quality of life in case of a slipped disc lumbar vertebra.

In double-blind studies carried out in the department of orthopedics of the health center Sourasky of Tel Aviv, the researchers highlighted its efficiency in cases of a slipped disc lumbar vertebra with radiculopathy of the vertebral disc. In this last study, the daily dose of sulfate of agmatine oscillated between 1,3 and 3,5 grams over a period from 10 to 21 days. The results of these studies show clearly that the sulfate of agmatine relieves pain and improves especially the quality of life of patients (70,8 % of them) affected by slipped disc lumbar vertebra with radiculopathy.

Agmatine other indications:

· It fights against the oxidative stress, the critical factor of aging;
· It has neuroprotective properties and would be a potential new neurotransmitter participating in the spatial learning and in the treatment(processing) of the memory;
· It supports the liberation of catecholamines;
· It favors the release of insulin, limits the glycemia and the absorption of the calcium in the cells of the pancreas;
· It would be useful at the diabetic's of type 1 to reduce the accumulation of the collagen in the renal disease diabetic;
· It could also play a role as a preventive agent for cancer, thanks to the modulation of polyamines, as the spermine or the spermidine, involved in the cell growth.

An absence of toxicity

Clinical trials indicate the efficiency and harmlessness of high oral doses of sulfate of agmatine in the short term (until 21 days). A pilot study was undertaken in the long run also allowed to prove its perfect safety of employment.


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