What Is My Morphology Type? Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

Knowing what type of morphology we belong to can be very beneficial to adopt good practice when we want to change physically and improve ourselves.  That's what we want for you.

After reading this article, you'll be able to understand what characterizes the ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph type and situate yourself. The development and the facility to gain lean mass, and also lose/gain fat, is not equal for each of us. This inequality can be explaining by the speed of our metabolism, which leads to burning calories at a different speed.

To determine the different types of morphology, the genetic and physic has been studied to finally evaluate which type of alimentation and training is better for the person. There are 3 big categories of body type: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. There is not a big deal to identify our body type because there are a lot of psychological and physical characteristics that belong to each.


We recognize the ectomorph by his physique generally skinny. People who belong to this type of body are kind of nervous, which leads to a faster metabolism and burns an important amount of calories in a day.

These are the most disadvantaged in terms of building lean muscle because they have difficulty gaining weight, even if they eat a lot.

Traits that characterize physically and psychologically an ectomorph

  • Body relatively thin
  • A thin frame (small purposes…)
  • Triangular face
  • Long members (arms, hands…)
  • Small amount of muscle mass
  • Narrow hips and shoulders
  • High pulse rate, even at rest
  • Very flexible
  • Sensitive and shy
  •  The ectomorph women have small breasts and narrow hips
  • Once he builds muscle, the ectomorph is more aesthetic

Benefits of being an ectomorph

  • The ectomorph can eat a lot without gaining fat
  • He has great flexibility
  • Losing weight or fat is not a trouble for them
  • An adequate alimentation increases athletic performances

Disadvantage of being ectomorph

  • Fragile joints
  • Trouble gaining weight
  • Very limited recovery
  • Sensitivity to overtraining
  • His body is more suited to basic training

Advice in terms of training and nutrition for ectomorph

For this kind of metabolism, it’ better to practice strength training sessions that should be about 1 hour or a bit less.

The ectomorph needs to eat are more carb-dense foods and a high intake of calories. Nutritional supplements are essential to increase their chances of building muscle mass.

LimitlessPharma teams suggest to ectomorph to consume:

Advanced Whey

Advanced Creatine or advanced Creatine HCL

BCAA Power


Unlike the ectomorph, endomorph is more subject to be plump, a little soft, and takes fat easily, especially in the belly. He is calm, sociable, and loves to eat, therefore it must seriously watch his diet.

Traits that characterize physically and psychologically an endomorph

  • Narrow-body
  • Fine bones
  • Drooping and narrow shoulders
  • Round face
  • Short limbs
  • Takes easily fat mass
  • Slow pulse rate and heartbeat
  • Great development of the digestive system
  • Sensitive and shy
  • Tends to love comfort
  • The endomorph women have large breasts, narrow shoulders and wide hips

Benefits of being endomorph

  • The nutrients are very well assimilated       
  • Can have muscle and a massive physical
  • Capable of doing high-reps and high-weight workout  

Disadvantage of being endomorph

  • More difficulties for cutting
  • easily becomes fatty and quickly takes belly
  • It is often forced to control all what he eats 

Advice in terms of training and nutrition for endomorph

The endomorph should practice long series with high weight to burn more calories.

First, they can work with light loads and then move gradually with heavier loads to increase muscle mass. To reduce the fat overload, cardio sessions are essential. As they easily accumulate fat, they should avoid foods rich in simple carbohydrates (as cake, cookies and junk foods) and reduce their fat consumption (some are good, like eggs, olive oil, nuts, etc).

LimitlessPharma teams suggest to endomorph to consume:

Advanced Isolate

Advanced Thermogenic

Advanced Multivitamin


Between all of the three types, this one may be the luckiest since they can easily model their physique and weight. The mesomorph has the ideal physique to practice fitness. He has a muscle mass well distributed and well developed. His body is suitable for mass gain because it is naturally muscular and has more strength than the average. Even consuming a large amount of food it does not take a lot of fat.

Traits that characterize physically and psychologically a mesomorph

  • Muscled body
  • Large shoulders
  • Square face
  • Thick bone (ankles, wrists…)
  • Solid skeleton
  • Circulatory system well developed
  • Not really flexible
  • A temperament energetic, dynamic and courageous
  • Mesomorph women have average breasts and shoulders and large hips

Benefits of being mesomorph

  • Takes muscle mass easily
  • Naturally stronger and more muscular
  • Supports heavy charge
  • Not susceptible to overtraining and can absorb large volumes training
  • Can lose fat easily

Disadvantage of being mesomorph

  • Not very flexible

Advice in terms of training and nutrition for mesomorph

Due to his quality muscle mass, the mesomorph prevents muscle incidents so he is quite capable of doing the heavy workout. He can almost eat everything, but meals should be spaced to fit about 5 to 7 small meals a day to assimilate most of the nutrients.


LimitlessPharma teams suggest to mesomorph to consume:

As supplements, he can take protein powder or isolate, to control his weight gain, depending on his goals, as well as BCAA.

Advanced Whey

Advanced Isolate

BCAA Power

Whether you are an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph, it is essential to adopt a diet and appropriate training to your metabolism. In all cases, dietary supplements such as whey protein, isolate, creatine, and BCAA are indispensable to increase your chance of achieving your goals.

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