Putting On Serious Mass In a Healthy Way!

Most people don't understand the complexity behind putting on serious mass in a healthy and fitness way.  There are four main factors that can literally play on your ability to put on size or to remain the same.

First, you got to eat.  Eat alot and alot.  What does eat alot mean?  It means that you got to eat way more than what you used to eat and make sure your calorie intake is superior to what you burn during your daily routine.  Should you eat everything you see?  Hell no! Focus on the basic food; chicken, red meat, horse meat, and fish.  Make sure to add clean carbs such as sweet potatoes and brown rice to upgrade your clean calorie intake.

Every meal should have it's a plate of veggies to keep your PH in the healthy zone so your body can absorb the most nutrient as it can. Forget about those three meals a day, you got to eat at least six.  Put on an alarm and eat a meal every 2 hours, you got to keep your body always fed.  You got to understand that once you are hungry, your body will start to use your fat and muscle mass to give you energy.  Don't forget to drink water as often as possible, muscles are like plants, they need water to grow healthy.

To keep the mass building, you got to improve your endurance and strength.  The basis for that is to do cardio.  At the end of the most workout, you should do 20 minutes of cardio to increase your cardiovascular system.  When you will lift the weight, you'll have way more stamina and feel less fatigue, the result of that, you will build muscular mass way easier.

Is cardio gonna make me lose my muscle?  Well, to make sure to prevent muscle catabolization, you could add BCAA (Brain chained amino acids) to your training session.  This way, your muscle fiber is gonna be well-fed with the nutrients it needs during the whole workout.

The third factor is the supplements. They are here and they exist and there's a reason for that.  Supplements will play a big role where the food you eat can't.  What are the essentials supplements to build quick mass?  You should add creatine.

Creatine will help you strongly to improve your strength and endurance.  You'll grow bigger and faster.  To that you should add protein after every workout.  Either you get a protein tub and take some after every workout or you eat a meal.  Once you finish a workout, your body needs nutrients to rebuild the muscle fiber stronger and bigger.  Give it to them!  You can also take a protein shake to target moments of your day where you don't eat much, such as right before bed.

The last one would be BCAA to finish your stack.  Most have magnesium and it's gonna keep your muscle well hydrate.  You'll have to drink it during your workout and during your cardio.  It will give you energy, extend your workout and cardio session, repel your muscle soreness, and prevent muscle catabolization.

The last factor is recovery.  Your body needs to rest and recover after every workout.  Try to take some rest day between training sessions to let the muscle tissues grow bigger and repair.  A good night of sleep is about eight to ten hours.  Your muscle will not grow if you overtrain them, that's why it's primordial to give them a rest once in a while.

We just covered the four main factors to building muscle mass in a healthy way.  Don't forget, you are what you eat!

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