Cheat Meal, Good or Bad?

Following a diet or being in a calorie deficit can be really hard, especially when you are trying to lose the last few pounds or you are prepping for a show. What can be worst than thinking that you are going to follow a diet for the rest of your life? Don't worry; a cheat meal can offer you some advantages.

However, it's important to know when it's the best moment to have a cheat meal to use it at 100% in a healthy way. You can find this information on another blog.

Here are some of the advantages of a cheat meal when taking at a great moment.


The human body is brilliant and would rapidly notice the calorie deficit you impose on it. When you follow a low-calorie diet over a long period, your body will slow down its metabolic rate to conserve energy. A Cheat Meal once or twice a week will shock the system and will boost your body's metabolism. A cheat meal will ensure your body is not going into starvation mode.


Cheat meals can be effectively used as a reward. If you successfully meet your diet goal from Monday to Saturday, you should reward you with a "good meal" on Sunday. The meal cheat at the end of the week will help you stay motivated by eating well throughout the week and vice versa, if you are unable to eat clean all week, do not give you cheat meal.


While dieting, most people lose significantly glycogen especially if they practice cardio plus weight training workouts. This results in decreased performance, mental fatigue, and also sometimes dizziness. Having an adequately cheat meal rich in carbohydrates once or twice a week replenishes glycogen stores for the coming week.

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Sticking to a diet for a long period can be mentally challenging. This requires a lot of will and discipline. Having a cheat meal once or twice a week will help to relieve stress and help you stay on track with your weight loss plan.


As we all know, eating out while dieting is hardly compatible. Have a day in the week you can go out with friends or family is a good way to use a cheat meal. You can socialize while losing weight.