Decreasing Abdominal Fat With Citrulline. What???

The University of Paris Descartes has done an interesting study on old rats supplementing with Citrulline, and the outcome is quite astonishing. What they've found is a reduction in abdominal fat levels and a protective effect against age-related cell damage.

The amino acid L-citrulline is converted into arginine in our body, creating an elevated level of nitric oxide, an essential chemical that improves blood flow throughout the entire body.

Most of us understood that part, and it's the reason why we include a full 6000mg per scoop, of Citrulline Malate in BLOW the strongest pre-workout available in Canada. Where this study starts to be more exciting is the effect of Citrulline on brown fat activity, which boosts caloric expenditure and supports fat burning.

All this without impacting the nervous system negatively, the heart rate remains unaffected along with blood pressure and anxiety, and that's excellent news. Hormone-sensitive Lipase is increased by 150% after Citrulline consumption, which improved fat mobilization and use.

We need to give a second look at Citrulline which is an underappreciated supplement that provides lots of beneficial effects on the body composition. (Journal of Nutrition, 145:1429-1437, 2015)