What is it?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of training that gained popularity in the past years. In those training, you alternate between short but very high-intensity sets and long, slower intervals. You recover a little bit during the slower set, to be back on track and give your 110% for the intense set.

The main idea behind HIIT is to raise you heart rate very high for a short period, which means you give it all during this interval. During this time, where it is difficult, you are into an anaérobic zone. The anaerobic zone consume your glycogen reserve rapidly because there is not enough oxygen for your body, in such a small time.


Why choosing HIIT?

1. Improving your performance
HIIT helps to improve your performance by hardening your heart and kicking you out of your comfort zone. You will notice a difference in every workout, by introducing HIIT into your routine. Even if it is an HIIT of 15 minutes, the impact is noticeable. Your level of endurance and stamina will increase as well.

2. Helping you burn fat
For some of you, this is where HIIT becomes interesting, especially if your goal is to lose weight and body fat percentage. Lots of studies shown that HIIT helps burning more fat in the muscles involved in the exercise, which is amazing since it is hard to believe in spot reduction. The reason is simple; your body need fuel and can't have it from oxygen because the quantity your body required in so little time is too large. In fact, your body search energy in your reserve of glycogen, then into you fat reserve.

3. Helping you burning more calories during the day
Another incredible impact of HIIT is his power to burn calories through ou the day. You are taking your body out of his comfort zone, so it has to works harder to find back his balance after the workout, which burns calories during this process. In facts, you are a burning fat machine after your HIIT, even though you are sitting on a chair 3-4 hours after your training.

4. Shorter workouts
Usually, a high-intensity interval training lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. A possible way to do it is by following a 2:1 ration, which means you recover two times mores than your intense intervals. As an example, you sprint 30 seconds at 90% of your capacity and recover by walking one minute before starting again.

Can I create my HIIT?

Of course, you can! Creating his own HIIT is simple. You have an infinity of choice by choosing the duration of your workout, the exercise of your work and recovery intervals. First of all, choose a very high-intensity exercise that you like! I tell you, it is the key to perform well and to give 100% of your energy. It can be sprinting, cycling, pushing weight (sled pushing), running, etc... Once you have chosen your all out exercise, choose your recovery one. The last thing to determine is your ratio of work/recovery training and the duration of your workout depending on your fitness level. And... You are ready to go!
Pss.. Don't forget to warm up before.

Beginner or involved in fitness since a long time? It does not matter. You just need to adjust the intensity and your exercise. You will increase your performance with the time; I have no doubt about it.

Stay tuned to see other possibilities of working out and also, already made HIIT training that will get you sweaty.

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