Exercise, Diet & Supplement Tips to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

Holidays give us a much-needed opportunity for family reunions, which include a lot of cooking and eating.

But, when you’re on a vacation or enjoying time with your family during the holidays, it’s natural to forget to hit the gym or continue training. Moreover, all that high-calorie food and alcohol are exactly what you don’t need to avoid making a dent on your year-long hard work to build and maintain that amazing physique.

So, how can you keep yourself fit and still enjoy the most during the holidays? Worry not. Today, we are sharing some useful tips for training, dieting and supplementation to keep you fit and healthy, especially during the holidays.

Holidays Exercise Tips

During the holidays, it may not be possible to spare a lot of time for intense training, therefore, your primary aim should be to maintain the muscle mass while avoiding gaining a lot of extra weight. So, the best exercises for this purpose are cardio and weight training. Here are some other exercise tips you can follow.

  • Do some cardio workouts first thing in the morning.
  • Prefer to do fasted or HIIT cardio over steady one in order to burn more calories fast.
  • Go for a run both in the mornings and evenings.
  • For weight training, follow exercises that involve the movement of many muscles, such as free weight training and compound exercises.
  • If you don’t want to spend a lot of your time in the gym during the holidays, make a schedule to hit the gym for around 2-3 days per week, doing full-body exercises.
  • On the other hand, if you want to exercise daily but for a limited period so that you can spend more time with your family, you need to go for more intense, not necessarily heavy-weight but more rapid pace, workouts.
  • Another alternative to workouts that can be performed fast yet has the same impact of intense exercise sets, including tri-sets and supersets.

Dieting Tips for Holidays

During the vacation time, you need to take special care of how many calories you eat, as you’ll not be doing a lot of exercises, like usual. So, your aim should be to try & control your calorie intake while increasing your protein consumption to let your body burn most of the carbs. Here are a few other diet tips you can follow:

Reduce your carbs intake by up to 50%, and replace it with lean proteins, especially during the holidays.

To make your tummy ready to eat a lot of junk food (and a lot of carbs) the next day, replace your carbs with proteins and healthy fats today.

Try to reduce your sodium consumption during the holidays.

Supplement Ideas & Tips for Holidays

During the holidays, you want to take health & fitness supplements that can help manage your overall body weight and keep the muscles in shape. In addition, the supplements should help burn fat and calories, speed up metabolism, increase alertness and focus, reduce hunger while providing your body with all the important nutrients. Here are some of the best health & exercise supplements from the house of Limitless Pharma that you can use to stay fit during the holidays.

BLOW Pre-Workout


BLOW Pre-workout is the best selling pre-workout supplement that gives you sufficient energy and stamina for an intense pre-workout session. Besides enhancing the motor performance and alertness, it also helps metabolize fats, thus helping with your goal to keep the body fat to a minimum during the festive season. By increasing the body’s endurance, it enables you to do more in less time.

Intra BCAA Power

Intra Bcaa Power

Available in 8 super tasty flavours, this is a complete and all-natural source of high-quality 100% soluble and instantized BCAAs. BCAAs are essential amino acids that are required to ensure the proper functioning of the body. They help boost muscle growth and reduce exercise fatigue and muscle soreness, which is quite beneficial to help maintain lean muscle mass during the season.

Pure Whey Protein

Protein has always been an integral part of workouts, which is why using this Pure Whey Protein supplement will ensure your body gets the purest protein in the highest quantity in order to maintain the muscle mass and keep the carbs in check during the holidays. The product is made of natural ingredients and employs the latest extraction technology for the best results.

Pure Whey Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Isolate is an even better form of whey protein, which contains a higher protein concentration and relatively fewer carbs and fat as compared to other variants. The Pure Whey Isolate supplement is created through the most advanced extraction technology and is scientifically proven for purity and potency.

During the holidays, your main objective, of course, is to spend as much quality time with your family as possible and have a lot of fun. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t ignore your health, otherwise, all the hard work and hours you put into the gym will be for nothing. The tips above will certainly help you stay in shape and still enjoy your holidays in the best way.