Glutamine - What It Is, How It Works, Why You Should Consume It

What is L-glutamine? What are these effects? Here are the answers to these questions on the glutamine. The glutamine, in food complement, is very beneficial to avoid the overtraining which generally takes place after intense training, associated with a lack of rest and/or bad alimentation.

What is it?

It is an amino acid that is a part of the family of not essential amino acids. The body uses the Glutamine brought by food, but it can produce glutamine itself, according to its needs. Glutamine is the amino acid the most abounding in the blood. It plays a role crucial in the functioning of the immune system.

How does it work in the body?

As mentioned before, the glutamine is present naturally in the body further to the nourishing contributions of the individual. The current glutamic acid in the body is transformed into glutamine. This reaction converts the ammonia, obtained further by the fixation of the nitrogen, in an organic compound.

This capacity is, in fact, an excellent source of energy. Besides, the glutamine possesses a leading role in the improvement of protein synthesis. This anabolic virtue is especially noticed during the recovery time in body-building. Moreover, the presence of isoleucine and valine in the glutamine favors the protection of muscles, against the catabolism phase or the muscular destruction.

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Finally, glutamine also allows for increasing the rate of growth hormone in the body. The glutamine stimulates the pituitary gland, which also enhances the quantity of growth hormone in the blood there. This peak of hormone falls naturally after 2 hours.

Effects and Benefits

  • Acceleration of the recovery
  • Better digestion
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Increase of the concentration of leucine in the muscular fibers
  • Increase of the rate of growth hormone 
  • Intensification of the combustion of fats, during and after the workout
  • Better synthesis of glycogen

Is the Glutamine in complement useful?

Even if the body can produce glutamine, it is possible that the body faces a lack of it. When you realize several intensive sessions of training, your immune system is put under pressure because large quantities of glutamine are used.

If you do not respect a minimum of recovery between every session, the body will not have time to reconstitute these reserves of glutamine, and a deficiency can arise. This lack of glutamine can cause a weakening of the immune system. Then, you become more vulnerable to infections and muscular injuries, the charge you lift decrease, and you can even observe a reduction in the muscle mass.

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It is a phase of overtraining, which could have been avoiding with supplementation. When you take supplementation, you decrease the risk of overtraining and the possibility of losing mass after several intense exercises.

Recommended Doses

Take 10 grams of advanced Glutamine (1 full scoop) prior to bedtime on an empty stomach for the greatest result.

Have a great training, and don't forget to give us feedback. We love to hear from you!

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