Home Exercise Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you stuck at home due to the coronavirus lockdown? Are you no longer able to visit your local gym for a daily workout routine? Well, worry not. With these easy exercise tips and help, you can now exercise at home.

Gym-goers are among the worst hit due to the coronavirus lockdown. As many of the gyms across the country are no longer operating due to a country-wide lockdown, exercise-freaks like me may experience a kind of separation anxiety.

So, what can you do now? Should you stop exercising? Well, of course not. But, since you’re restricted at home, working out at home seems like the best option now.

Wondering how?

Here are some home alternatives to a gym.

Online Exercise Classes

Online Exercise Class

Now that most of the gyms had to temporarily shut their doors because of the coronavirus lockdown, many of them have started providing online classes to the members. Check if your gym offers this kind of facility.

If not, you can always sign up with any other online gym class to continue exercising at home.

There are a number of popular gyms and fitness clubs now offering online classes to their members who are not able to visit a physical gym. For instance, Well&Tight, a fitness studio in Toronto, now offers a free online class, offering training for yoga, pilates, and other workouts.

Find & join any of these classes to continue your workouts even during the lockdown.

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Exercise Training on YouTube

Training on YouTube

Besides enrolling into an online gym class or course, you can also consider subscribing to a popular YouTube fitness channel.

I, for instance, recently subscribed to the Fitness Blender YouTube channel, where I can access & learn about 600 different types of workouts through detailed videos.

There are many other YouTube channels, some of them really good, through which you can train to exercise at home.

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

There are also a number of fitness & workout apps (both free & paid) that now is the best time to download and try.

There is this Android app called Home Workout that I personally prefer for both newbies and professionals. The app teaches a number of exercises that you can do at home without any equipment or machine. The workouts have been divided into different categories based on the user’s level.

Another workout app that I use & recommend is Nike’s Training Club App for Android/iOS. The app integrates several workouts along with videos for different user groups. Then, you can filter the collection based on specific muscle groups, types, and workout duration.

Home Gym

Do you have those gym equipment lying around your house that you seldomly used until now? Well, now is the best time to put that treadmill or those dumbbells to use.

And if you haven’t already got yourself a home gym, setting up one is now quite easy and affordable, thanks to fitness equipment websites like Keystone Fitness, where you can even find & buy refurbished fitness equipment.

When at home, you can even manage with smaller & limited equipment. For example, a skipping rope can be a wonderful fitness companion when you have limited space. Similarly, you can do a range of exercises by just using dumbbells.

Yoga & Meditation also seem to be quite beneficial when you’re looking to achieve mental fitness or peace of mind.

How Online Gym Works

For most people, including me, who need some kind of guidance or training, signing up with an online gym or training class would be the best option.

Today, many online fitness websites even offer customized training based on specific levels and goals of individual customers.

So, all you have to do is find and join one of these popular online training/exercise classes and then continue training just like you do in a physical gym.

Consider taking a good Exercise Supplement

If you are an exercise fanatic like me and do not want to compromise on your health and fitness during the lockdown, I strongly recommend you keep using a high-quality Whey Protein and other necessary supplements to meet your body’s daily needs.

Even when you’re working out at home, your body needs proper nutrients to meet the daily needs, repair the muscles, and boost muscle growth. BLOW pre-workout is an ideal supplement to use before a workout to give your body sufficient energy, stamina, and pump for an intensive exercise routine.

Final words...

Experts believe that it’s actually possible to achieve your goals of fitness, weight loss, and being healthier, even without going to a physical gym. Just because the world is on lockdown, that doesn’t mean you cannot or should not work out.

I hope this article can help you find the motivation and the right resources to continue your workout training at home during the lockdown so that you can keep yourself fit even when you’re not going to a gym.