How To Burn Fat Using The 1.3- Dimethylamylamine.

The substance 1,3 dimethylamylamine hydrochloride, long known as a nasal decongestant, is now recognized as a popular dietary supplement. More commonly known as DMAA, the substance is oil-based and extracted from geranium flowers, hence the name of Geranamine.

History of DMAA

DMAA was first introduced as a nasal decongestant in 1944 by Eli Lilly Company, which had filed a patent under the name Forthane. Later, in 2006, the use of DMAA has changed thanks to an American organic chemist Patrick Arnold, who proposed that the substance could be used to increase weight loss.

This happened a year after ephedrine, another supplement weight loss, was banned in the United States.

How DMAA helps lose weight

DMAA releases neurotransmitters in the body naturally released when stressed, which helps controls appetite and increase energy. The substance also helps the body to burn more fat by increasing the capacity of the body to produce heat.

DMAA has the effectiveness of drugs prescribed for weight loss but has little or no side effects. When taken with caffeine, DMAA gives excellent results in weight loss.

The substance has a composition similar to amphetamine and phenylethylamine, but less of a threat to the central nervous system of the body. The studies were published in 2011 showed that people who took DMAA as prescribed, before physical training, have not suffered any adverse effects such as higher blood pressure, changes heart rate, and liver or kidney problems. These results contrast with those of other weight loss supplements such as ephedrine.

It is, therefore, understandable why the Phentramin-D, a supplement containing DMAA without prescription, has become so popular among people looking to lose weight.

The dangers of the product abuse

People taking DMAA must follow the prescribed dose. Any misuse of this substance, like other weight loss, can cause bleeding, cardiovascular problems, and stroke. Buy used correctement, DMAA is a safe product for weight loss; it helps people to focus and feel more energetic without depressing; it allows them to train longer or with more intensity.

It has also become popular as a supplement in the field of bodybuilding. For many users, the DMAA is the new ephedrine.


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