Protein Shake For Breakfast: Why and How?

A Protein Shake can make a wonderful breakfast choice when you have too little time to prepare a full meal in the morning but still need your energy for those exhausting meetings you’re going to attend during the day. Protein shakes are super easy and quick to make and tasty enough to keep your mouth wanting more.

A lot of people wonder whether it is right to have a protein shake for morning breakfast. Is it enough to keep you energized till you have your lunch? Is morning the right time to take protein supplements?

Well, if you also have similar questions, we are here to answer.

First of all, yes, it’s absolutely fine to take a protein shake for breakfast. It’s healthy, tasty and full of essential nutrients that your body will need in order to produce sufficient energy and stamina for the day. They can make a superb alternative to your regular breakfast meal, especially when you’re in a hurry and have no time to prepare food.

Not sure yet? Here are some other reasons why taking a protein shake for breakfast is a healthy choice.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs a lot of energy in the morning, as you probably haven’t eaten anything in the past 8-10 hours (during the night). So, your breakfast should be a complete meal, filled with essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Now, it’s not always possible to prepare a nutrient-rich breakfast in the morning that will satisfy your hunger while keeping you from getting fat. This is even more difficult when you have no time to make even a sandwich. Protein Shake comes to rescue.

Taking a protein shake in the morning will not only keep you full and energized all day long, but also it will help reduce your hunger and suppress cravings that might otherwise lead to excess eating.

Though a protein shake shouldn’t always be used as a substitute for a full, balanced meal, it can make a nice choice to meet your daily protein needs as a supplement to food or as a breakfast substitute when you’re too busy to cook.

Best Protein Supplements you can have for breakfast

When choosing a protein supplement for breakfast, the trick is to find the right combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you would get from a regular meal.

Most of the protein supplements/powders you will find out there will have plenty of protein, but they might lack in other essential nutrients. So, make sure to buy and use a complete protein supplement. Here are some of the best options for protein powders for breakfast.

Whey protein

Pure Whey Protein is a protein supplement prepared from the extraction of whey from milk. Since it uses the latest extraction technology available to date, the final quality of protein is the best you’ll get in the market. Each Scoop (35g) of it gives you about 23 grams of pure protein, which is more than you’ll get from one meal. Moreover, this protein contains very low amounts of lactose, fat (3g), sugar (3g) and carbs (6g), ensuring your body fat remains in check.

You can mix the Whey Protein powder with fruit juice, milk or take it with water before a meal or as a substitute for breakfast. To further increase its health value, you can consider adding things like berries, banana, nuts, flaxseeds, spinach, oats, etc. to your protein shake.