How To Supercharge Your Body For A Workout

Workouts are intense and very demanding. While they give you a lot in terms of physical fitness, immunity, sound health, an active mind, and so on, they also need something in return, of which good food is the most important part.

Eating good, nutrient-rich food will give your body sufficient energy and stamina for exercise. At the same time, it will tremendously improve the results by maximizing your workout efforts.

What Does Your Body Need For A Workout?

Like any other physical activity, workouts demand energy and stamina. The only difference is that you may need higher amounts of energy for exercise compared to most other activities. In other words, your body will need its fuel for a workout.

And where does the body get its fuel from?

From food, of course. But, that doesn’t mean you should start eating a lot of food. Instead, you should be eating a lot of nutrients, i.e. the foods with high nutrient content.

In order to understand just how much or what kinds of nutrients you need to help the body meet its fuel needs for a workout, you must first understand how the body works.

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So, when you exercise, your body engages in intense physical activities that are above normal. During the workout, the body uses a lot of nutrients to produce fuel in order to meet the increasing demand for energy. When you are working out or lifting weights, your muscles feel the stress, which is why you feel pain during and after a workout.

To meet the energy needs for a workout and to repair the damaged muscles, the body needs protein and carbohydrates, which you can get from foods as well as from supplements.

What To Eat For A Workout

Eat for Workout

A workout meal, i.e. the meal you are eating to give your body the fuel for a workout, should be a healthy combination of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and among others. In addition to eggs and meat, consider adding a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, quinoa, etc. to your diet. These foods are some of the best sources of essential nutrients that your body will need to meet your body’s growing demands for energy and stamina.

Some of the best food options for a workout include protein shake, protein salad, chicken/meat, eggs (omelet, etc.), green veggies, spinach, avocado, peanuts, dry fruits, beans, calcium-rich cheese, etc. In addition, drink a lot of water and other fluids to keep the body hydrated.

You can also consider taking a protein supplement like Pure Whey Protein, especially if you’re not getting the proper nutrients from your regular meals or get no time to prepare full, healthy meals. Whey Protein is a good and natural source of protein and other nutrients your body will need to cope up with an intense workout.

When to Eat (The Best Time to Eat for a Workout)

Another thing that people engaged in exercising often wonder is what’s the right time to eat for the best workout results.

If you are also struggling with the same question, here’s your answer.

Eat before, during and after a workout.


Before you start working out, you need to prepare your body for what’s coming. In other words, you need to fuel up your body with healthy, specifically carbohydrate-rich, foods so that it has enough energy for the workout session and you can get the maximum performance.

You can eat any of the foods mentioned above as well as a supplement like the BLOW Pre-workout for the best results.  Blow will help enhance focus, pump, and stamina for a longer workout which will result in better outcomes.

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If you are planning to exercise for a long duration and feel dizzy or sluggish during the workout, you can consider eating a banana, an apple or some raisins to maintain your energy level. In addition, keep drinking small amounts of water frequently while exercising.


After you’re done exercising, you need to eat plenty of nutrient-rich food. This is the time when your body needs protein and other nutrients to repair the damaged muscles and prepare itself for another session. Preferably eat within an hour or so of your workout for the maximum benefit, as your muscles will immediately absorb nutrients during this time.