You need to believe in the beauty of effort to realize your dreams : Keys to stay motivated and consistent

In the fitness industry, some people face problems, while others do not have problems at all. These concerns may vary from one person to another. In the process of creating a lifestyle with your journey, a difficult part is finding time and motivation to stick to your goal. It can be hard to set time for exercise and taking care of ourselves. Juggling with school, work, busy home life, and family? Don't think you are selfish because you spend time on yourself; it is the worst thing to start a vicious circle of abandonment.

When you are able to go to the gym every day you planned it, make healthy food for your meals, you are on the right way. It can seem challenging to stick to a plan/meal plan for a certain amount of time, but you can do it. However, when you lost those few pounds, when you achieve to stick to a diet three months, when your show is over.. How do you stay motivated?

Time management, consistency, and motivation are the most frequent obstacles in the fitness industry. There are no magic tricks to get over those difficulties, but we do have tools to help you turning your spare-time into a lifestyle, and motivate you over and over again.

Here's some of them:
Set realistic goals
Plan ahead your time to achieve those goals
Know the investment is worth it
Make fitness fits for your family
Be efficient with your time
Celebrate your good step
Be patient with the apparition of result

Consider your health a priority

Loving yourself at every step of your journey is crucial. You must know that your health and your positivity is an important part of the process.

Plan your time and your goals
A popular quote says: Failing to plan means you are planning to fail
The best advice we can give you is taking a day where you set your schedule for the week. You write down your goals for the week, the day you'll train and what will be your training, when you will prepare your meal and what would they be. When you have an unexpected meeting or events, you can still manage to move some of your occupation or make a rest-day a non-rest day checking your calendar.


Be surrounded by people with your vision

If you have friends, family or co-worker with the same goals of you, it is easier to stay focus. You can talk with these people of what you want to achieve, and they can push you. It is a great way of staying motivated. Also, planning workout with people force you to be there at the time and do it.


Be efficient in the gym

It is false that you need to stay at least an hour and a half in the gym to have the body of your dream. The workout you missed, is the only bad workout you can have. Even a small 20 minutes in your gym, in your basement or outside makes the difference. And if you have more than 20 minutes? Great, but it is important to manage this time to make the most out of it. Don't chill 3 minutes between your series, don't talk with people to finally forget your set, don't text on your phone, be focused on your plan you've already set up. You'd be surprised at how 20 minutes can be hard when you use it correctly.

When you time is limited, your training should be intense. Increase the intensity by keeping rest periods short, using challenging weight and developing high-volume training. Your heart rate should be elevated during your entire workout, and you should leave the gym with a feeling of tiredness, but also an accomplishment.

Do you run out of time for your cardio? The Same pattern can be applied. Don't waste 60 minutes of slow treadmill walk if you do not have this time. Get more of your day by doing HIIT. High-intensity interval training also has lots of benefits. Looks all the details about those training in our article. Experiment and have fun doing your workout.


Never forget why you started and what are your goals

The best advice we can give you is to write down. Here, the whole team does that to remain its goal toward the company continuously but also our fitness goals individually. To be 100% focused everyday, it is hard. By writing your goal down, your decrease the chances to let your lack of motivation win on you. Fix you daily goals, weekly goals, small things realistic to stay focused on your ultimate goal. You cannot erase step and achieve everything you want in one day. Remember that the bad days are the road to the good one. Small changes over months create your overall physique and health. In the end, all of the small steps will be enormous progress.

Always remember.. you deserve it.

You deserve to be the best version of you.
You deserve to achieve what you want
you deserve to have the physic of your dream
you deserve to take care of you

You need to believe in the beauty of effort to realize your dreams: Always dig into the possibilities of making things happen.

LimitlessPharma Team

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