June 21, 2024

30 Minute Upper Body & Core Workout

Running out of time for your usual 2-hour long gym session? We got you! This quick workout works your full upper body and core in only 30 minutes. Save it for a fun and efficient session!

By Limitless Pharma

30 Minute Upper Body & Core Workout


Summer’s right on the corner, which means most of us will want to get the most out of our time inside the gym in order to prioritize being outside! 

You’re gonna want to save this workout for when that time comes. Here's why : it's quick, effective, complete, and mostly, fun!!!

Workout details :

Repeat each super set 3 times.

Super set 1 :
10 push ups
8 ring rows

Super set 2 :
8 plank band rows (each arm)
10-8-6 inverted leg raises

Super set 3 :
10 standing KB single arm press
10 wall balls


Workout by Léa Métivier (@leamfit_)