June 27, 2024

Warm Up (Sprints & Running Edition)

Save this warm up session for whenever you're going on a run, intervals, or sprints workout! Get your blood flowing in just a couple minutes with these 10 easy movements you can do anywhere.

By Limitless Pharma

Warm Up (Sprints & Running Edition)


Warming up is crucial before any moderate or high intensity form of training. It gets your blood flowing, prepares your muscles and heart to perform, it puts you in the zone, and it helps reduce risk of injuries.

This warm up session is perfect for any type of running workout : whether it be sprints, a long run, intervals or a tempo run, you can count on these movements to get your body ready to move!


The Warm Up Session :

  1. Arm circles (forward + backward)
  2. Neck stretch
  3. Dynamic quad stretches
  4. Heel sweeps
  5. Alternated toe touches
  6. Hip openers + thoracic rotation
  7. Ankle circles
  8. Forward + backward lunges
  9. Leg swings
  10. Dynamic glute stretch


Before you start sprinting/running :

For sprints

Start with a light jog for 2-5 minutes. Take your usual sprint break time, and start sprinting with a slower pace before going all out.

For constant running

Start slow! You can even start with a fast-paced walk before you start jogging. Let your heartbeat adapt itself and gradually increase speed until you reach your desired pace. 



We hope this article has proved you how important mobility and warm ups are, and that you will implement some of these exercises into your routine! 

If you need visual assistance for some movements, make sure you visit our Instagram page @limitlesspharma and give us a follow on there! :)


Warm Up by Léa Métivier (@leamfit_)